22 January 2010

OK. I'm mostly OK

... However, if someone wants to bring something easy for dinner tonight, I'll buy...
While I was photographing the dogs at Beaver Lake, I was part of a two-dog sandwich about 30 minutes ago: a boxer and a rather large mastiff. My left knee tried to go in three directions at once, managed two of them. My right index finger points well, but it doesn't bend much anymore, and has a fair bit of swelling at the knuckle. My head hit concrete, and has a good-sized knob now. The finger seems to have protected the camera; the lens collar, however, is toast. And, my right hip is starting to talk to me...

I'm buying dinner if you bring it. I'm going to be hopped on good drugs here in about 30 minutes, so email me to be sure I'm awake :)

21 January 2010

Big Morongo, Tree, Moon

Not quite the photo I thought it would be, but not bad, either...  Begs the question:  how do those photographers get the moon so big in their pictures?  :)

Cutter and Radar

Two new (to me) dogs at the Beaver Lake Dog Park...

I was told Radar (an Australian Shepherd + Husky mix) was quite the jumper, that if he knew he could leap the fence, the fence wouldn't stand a chance... Well, here's a shot of him going after a tennis ball... :)

And Cutter is simply a cute Portuguese Water Dog...

15 January 2010

A Commercial about Farmville

I'm not a big fan of Farmville (Facebook), and yet this advertisement for the product makes me want to ...  :)

14 January 2010


Trip is an inquisitive and energetic Golden Retriever puppy, and the muddy fields of Beaver Lake Park were just too much fun for him...

12 January 2010


Bridger is a Golden Doodle.  This is the first time I've seen him at the park, and I hope it's not the last...

These photos are also Sunday shots at Beaver Lake...

Asteroid Animation

An interesting animation detailing the trajectory of 2010-AL30, a very small asteroid recently discovered that will come pretty close to the Earth sometime Wednesday...  The quote from one of the scientists:  “I don’t worry about those that we keep up with…. I am more concerned about the ones we never see coming.”



She keeps being photogenic, and you get to see the results :)

Photo taken Sunday afternoon at Beaver Lake Park...

07 January 2010

A Few Changes to the ol' Home Page

Please take a look to the upper right of the blogspot gadget bar (where the time, "who the hell am i", etc, is located), and let me know if you see anything wrong about the Flickr Slideshow I set up earlier today. It looks fine to me, but I've also noticed that the logo in FireFox looks a LOT different from the logo in IE 8, so... :)

If things are odd, please let me know WHAT is odd, what browser and OS you are using, etc... Thanks!

06 January 2010

How Cool is This?

If you are owned by a cat, and don't live on the ground floor, this has got to be on your list of the greatest must-haves ever :)

01 January 2010

2010.01 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

A few days ago, I wandered into Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge for about an hour.  Among the more interesting findings:  a Northern Harrier lunching on an unfortunate rodent.  While s/he was deep in the brush, there was still a small window along the road from which to (morbidly?) watch...

S/he fed for about 5 minutes, ripping little bits and larger chunks, while watching the surrounding countryside and airspace for competitors...  It was a sight that was repeated several times during that hour...

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