14 October 2008

the eyes have it

it was a gorgeous day; marc and i spent much of it either dining on sushi or walking the marymoor park nature loop.

while we didn't see much in the way of wildlife, we did see more than a few dogs. normally, this isn't the most interesting part of my day. however, before sunday afternoon, i could probably count on one hand the total number of animals i'd personally seen that had two differently-coloured eyes.

in less than two hours, we saw three, all different breeds: a boston terrier named "robble" (i wish i'd asked the derivation of the name),

a beagle named "josie",

and a husky named "ringo".

i've been told this problem is not abnormal for the huskies, but very unusual for the other breeds.

shows you how observant i am. i didn't notice the left eye for all three canines was blue until i put them all together for this entry...

oddly enough, most photographs i could find on heterochromia (the name of the disorder) also showed the left eye as the blue eye.


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