03 October 2008

For My Next Trick...

About four months ago, my five-year-old photography website was hacked and subtly-defaced.

About two months ago, I found out about it, and in the process learned my hosting company knew of the problem four months ago.
I'm informed some of you may have noticed, getting caught up in the idiocy.

About one month ago, my hosting company refunded all of my hosting fee because I was less than satisfied with them and their idea of service. When you get angry, be polite and start your conversation with the CEO. When you make a suggestion, always make sure it is to someone who can make a difference.

Today, we start over.

Given that I
  • hack at chess;
  • photograph what interests me;
  • am almost always owned by cat(s);
  • love cartoons and comics;
  • love to cook, hate to clean;
  • love to travel;
  • owned a popular BBS for over a decade;
  • owned a book store (real bricks for years, virtual for more);
  • enjoy reading (especially science, science fiction, and mysteries); AND,
  • usually have an opinion on most topics, whether the opinion is reasonable or not,
perhaps this blog can be an interesting shared conversation about the world, life, and whatever else comes up... If you find it interesting, frustrating, opinionated, banal, topical, hilarious, stupid, or just plain "huh", join the conversation.


ASM826 said...

What irritates you about NPR? Besides the fact that they are completely predictable in their opinions, whiny, and prone to beg for money on the air every few months, of course.

travelgirl said...

most folk are completely predictable in their opinions if you listen to them long enough. the difficult trick is to be flexible in your thinking, to moderate the knee-jerk response that assumes no one can learn something new from someone else, listening to other viewpoints without judging them as useless simply because they speak of something you don't believe.

i had to stop listening to NPR a few years back because the stories they were telling were making me angry. the anger wasn't directed at NPR, but at the "bad guys" in their pieces.

i feel subtly wiser today for being able to listen to other views without nominally pigeon-holing the holders of those views as idiots until i've heard from others across the opinion spectrum.

it's not consensus as much as it is distilling information: what one person omits and another includes, the way the information is projected, these things en toto are better barometres of truth than what any one individual or invested group might say, though some occasionally stumble on that "truth"...

even a broken clock is right twice daily...