08 April 2009

Tuesday at JBP

After a morning and bit of afternoon chore doing, it was time to soak up some sunshine for a change. And so, it was time to wander down to Juanita Bay Park, where winter/spring transition was happening. The four Bald Eagles (two adults, two juveniles) that nest on Rose Point were soaring all afternoon, there were fly-bys of paired Common Mergansers and a Wood Duck male. A single female Hoodie was found fishing along the western boardwalk approach near some Common Snipe. Meanwhile, three crested Double-crested Cormorants in full breeding regalia noticed jumping carp and catfish in the same place and came to investigate.

Numerous Great Blue Herons were fighting for some reason (they don't nest in the neighbourhood that I know of), and more than a few Red-winged Blackbirds were dive-bombing anything that threatened their confused perceived territories. Tree Swallows were burbling overhead most of the day, and Belted Kingfishers were fishing the entrance to Forbes Creek.

Lastly, there was also a Pot-bellied Gentleman (PBGE, for want of a better term) who paddled his way into the restricted waters wearing only an attitude and inappropriate shorts. He thankfully removed himself before he caused too many vision problems...

And the hits just kept on coming once I got home, to be greeted by one of the neighbour Hairy Woodpeckers, a gaggle of Pine Siskins, incontrovertible aural evidence for a Common Yellowthroat, a Fox and Song Sparrow, and a House Finch with some of the most yellow and orange feathers I've ever seen for them.

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It is really nice pictures.You got them at right angle. Ten