14 October 2009

2009: Final Thoughts

It's clear to me, travel is a way of life, a necessity for clear mental health, a path to learning, an opening to locating new friends and extended family.

Among the things I missed while traveling:
  • the taco bus near Hillman City
  • American friends and family
Among the things I miss about the summer of 2006:
  • Madame Simone - such a wonderful person, alive and vital in her 80s
  • Madame Bernadette - a home-body who enjoyed living vicariously through my daily adventures
  • the friendliness of almost everyone I met
  • history around every turn
  • beautiful and ever-changing countrysides
  • European friends who made the visit a marvelous adventure
  • generic chocolate that is so much better than name brands here in the states
  • meeting new friends, investing a bit of face time with old friends
  • Els and Georges of Lepelstraat, and their kind hospitality over the years
  • The Boyz, Ambrose and Les, who allowed me to indulge in this fantasy summer in their French paradise...
I don't understand why it took me so long to post this finale...  It's probably because I'd rather be there than here;  I must not be ready to believe I've returned to the states yet, even though it has been over three years now.

All I can say is Thank You all for the experience.

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