04 November 2009

Pet Names

Sometimes, it's hard to tell the players without a score card... A quick example from a few days ago, may I present Chewy and Chewy?

Chewy (the Australian Shepherd), shown here demonstrating some wrestling moves with Katie, a German Shorthair...

Chewy (the Chow - Rottweiler mix) is easily more distinctive, and (this is simply my own opinion) seems to match the original Chewy (Chewbacca) much more closely in size and appearance...

But, that's just me. Our small park has: Mia (> 2), Bella (> 2), Chloe (2), Cody (3), and Beau (3).

Most are different breeds, which sometimes helps. However: A week or two ago, I photographed two beagles named Snoopy on the same day, within 30 minutes of each other.

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