17 November 2008


old family week, apparently: 47 years ago tomorrow (tuesday), my sister lisa came into this world. the things i remember from those years:
  • when she came home from the hospital for the first time, at least part of the trip home was in my arms in the back of a recently-purchased renault (an unusual car for the US at the time). given that i was seven years of age at the time, given she was somewhere less than seven DAYS old, my turn holding her was unusual and (as you've noticed) unforgettable
  • both of my sisters, but especially lisa, had a thing for water sports à la buff. both, to the best of my knowledge, lost that "thing" sometime before the age 4
  • she has a penchant for larger vehicles, some of which require(d) thick phone books so she could see over the dash
  • she's the one that physically looks most like mom, if a slightly-smaller version
  • she was probably still being carded during liquor purchases until her late 30s. her joyous laugh would not help others to understand she was older than they were. by this time, she had several daughters taller than herself
  • of all of us, she's the one filled with the most love, the most compassion, the most of your beaver cleaver "mom" attributes, minus the housekeeping in high heels and that string of pearls. i hesitate to point out she also had the most practice (grin)
lisa, as you can see, i remember more than you probably want me to broadcast, so i'll finish with a quote from a recording i saved of you from about 45 years ago:
hatty boothdee to oooo!

much love on your day, my favourite little one...

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Joe Huffman said...

Caren has siblings? I didn't know that. I thought she was one-of-a-kind.

Where are the pictures?