03 November 2008

"Vote for the Kennedy of Your Choice"

Well, OK, if you recognized the title of this entry, you probably remember the line from listening (if you were like me, 100s of times) to the early 1960s album "The First Family", starring Vaughn Meader. It was a smash hit, mostly because Mr Meader was a comic impersonator who had Jack Kennedy down cold, with all nuances possible.

Unfortunately for Mr Meader (and Mr Kennedy), the album was an incredible hit just before Mr Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, and not so much afterwards.

Anyway, this is my segue into telling you (if you live in the United States / les √Čtats Unis) to VOTE tomorrow, if you haven't already. If you need a push one way or another on the following items of interest, feel free to utilise my endorsements here:
  • If you are eligible to vote in California, please defeat Proposition 8
  • If you are eligible to vote in Washington, please vote to pass Proposition 1 (Sound Transit) and Proposition 1000 (Death with Dignity)
Whomever you vote for, however you vote, please make your voice heard.

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