04 November 2008

Yes, We Can

One historic night, two historic speeches, two solemn individuals:
  • John McCain: the man, not as he has been portrayed the last few months, but as I remember him eight years ago, with as humble, gracious and honourable a concession as seems possible...
  • Barack Obama: the man who appears equal parts Martin Luther King Jr and John Kennedy, his intense vision filled with eloquent notes reminiscent of King's "I Have a Dream" and Kennedy's inauguration speech, notable for "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You" sentiment...
Given the divisiveness of the past eight years, Senator McCain said sincerely "... [Barack Obama] is now my President," and asked America to join him in serving the American ideal to defeat the many problems we face today.

Minutes later, Senator Obama stepped up, thanked Senator McCain and, with references to the past, asked all of America to join him in taking responsibility for the future.

In the last hour, both of these men have taken the first step in restoring in me hope the United States can recover what it has so dearly lost. Time will tell if the hope is justified.

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