25 December 2008

Five Minutes

my 'backyard'if you just wait around for five minutes, the weather changes. we've been told this any number of times in our life, and not infrequently it is true.

today, as an example, it was mostly dry until sunrise, at which time the skies tried their best to bury us in more snow off and on during the day. i would think there was a final break, and five minutes later visibility would be 50 metres.

Spotted Towhee

well, here it is about 1430, and i think that final break has occurred. from daybreak to about 30 minutes ago, we probably received another 2-3 inches. yet, within the last hour, at least half of the white cover in the trees is already gone, taking with it about an inch.

Pileated Woodpecker, male

the white you see so prevalent in the first photo is almost completely gone from the evergreen needles and the smaller branches, but i'm seeing more birds out and about. witness the spotted towhee and the male pileated woodpecker, both of whom (with their entire families) seem married to my homemade suet. :)

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