12 December 2008

the Morning Before

four days ago, our local weather weasels said we had an outside chance of snow tonight. three days ago, same. two days ago, last night, same.

now, i know this area's weather is about as difficult to predict as any on the planet, so it will be interesting to see what actually does happen. for those of you not in the area, this link and this link will provide same-day information...

this morning, they are warning that isolated "pockets" could get upwards of six inches of snow by satyrday evening, with temperatures that struggle to reach freezing and winds that could cause wide-spread power outages.

of course, a movie many of us have been waiting to see for all the hype opens tonight in local theatres: "the day the earth stood still." you have to wonder if this is divine retribution's idea of irony or not. it's getting horrid reviews; i may just sit this one out and watch "scrooged" or "the nightmare before christmas" instead. :)

if you don't hear from me by monday, i might have been buried by a pocket. don't worry, though. i have a warm cat. :)

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