18 December 2008

le boeuf, c'est arrive!

well, they (the weather weasels) have been predicting a snow event since sunday, and for my little bit of heaven in sammamish, we have been left out.

until this morning.

i awoke to nothing but dust and spit, and figured i'd make my way to work same as yesterday... the tube was saying redmond was a nightmare, showing many of the approaches i would take to get to work, so i decided to stick around and see what happened.

the suet feeders are getting a workout: a gorgeous male pileated woodpecker has taken to hanging around, as have numerous steller's jays, downy (topmost photo in this entry) and northern flickers. as there isn't a way for ground feeders to feed, at least four spotted towhees have also been enjoying the suet, along with the normal denizens...

while i'm not too pleased with being unpaid, the view is attempting to make up for that fact... within the last hour, i've gotten enough snow (about another 1.5 inches) to make me feel a lot less guilty about taking a snow day. and the snow is still coming down.

enjoy the snow and stay safe...

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