28 February 2009

Tangerine Thai

a few years ago,a friend told me about a thai restaurant that was incredible. it was located in the bellevue galleria, top floor, and said you simply must try them.

several years later, they've moved from the galleria to the expedia building ground floor. this was an expansion dream, with over twice the dining and kitchen space...

thursday night, Tangerine Thai had their grand opening, and oh what an opening. the owners, jeff and a, beautiful as ever. the support staff, ever helpful. the food?


give them a try. invite me. i haven't eaten there in two days, and i'm feeling withdrawal pains.

the palace dishes (chicken or tofu, with caramelized basil and garlic) must be tried to be believed. crab wontons that melt in your mouth. crispy eggplant that makes the carnivore in me drool it is so good. i could go on with their panang curry, the tom kha gai, etc.

you just have to visit, try something, anything, to be hooked. it's that easy.

thai in bellevue that beats everyone else. hands down.

call me. we'll do lunch.
or dinner.

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