04 January 2009

weather 10, weasels 0

one would think the seattle area had more than enough of the white stuff a few weeks ago.

apparently not... it's been snowing outside my door for the last 4-5 hours, and given the latest weather reports from the local accredited weasels, it will stop about an hour ago.

not sure, but i think this reminds me of a weather report from the late 60s, where the on-air weasel said "... there is a 10% chance of precipitation for the next few hours, and as i look out the ol' weather window, i can see that it is 10-percenting quite violently right now..."

oh: the pink is where the radar thinks there is mixed rain and snow, and the blue is where it believes there is nothing but snow. i can tell i'm going to love tomorrow morning's commute.

yes, i will... :)

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