13 January 2009

Shadow Man

Wired Magazine is sponsoring a photo contest at the moment, with the theme of "shadow". Here is my submission for this particular theme:

My friend here is a Siamang Monkey, and he was (may still be) part of a primate exhibit at Woodland Park in Seattle. At the time, a friend and I were touring the park looking for photo opportunities when we arrived at the monkey exhibit.

In front of us were a number of teenaged idiots who were doing the stereotypical "monkey" acting, complete with screeches, elbows akimbo and flying, banging on the glass enclosure, odd faces, etc... What appeared funny to them made not the slightest impression on our friend here.

When they drifted off, I captured this moment as he watched his tormentors move off. Looking at the image, I'm sure you don't need me to translate...


later edit: if you can find me, feel free to vote :)
http://www.wired.com/culture/art/news/2009/01/submissions_shadows, with the title "siamang monkey"

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