29 March 2009

Juanita Bay, 2009.0329

Such a glorious day to be out-and-about, so I headed to Juanita Bay Park.

Most of the normal winter denizens have moved on. Most of the spring neighbours haven't moved in yet. The exceptions appear to own the park at the moment.

Two adult eagles soared thermals off and on all afternoon, while Violet-green Swallows hawked bugs at all levels from just above to out of sight.

Among the more interesting things: did you know Glaucous-winged Gulls can and do dive-bomb prey? This one in particular went almost vertical into the water, not once, but several times. One would think he thought he was a tern, a gannet, or even on a good day, an osprey. He did catch something on at least one occasion, but it was too far away to be ID'd.

Kinglets, RC and GC are both in evidence, as was a flighty Belted Kingfisher.

Not a great day for photography, but a lovely day to talk with friends, old and new, a wonderful day for life.

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