23 March 2009

Sealy PostureComfort

Marc Hoffman and I went out looking for stuph to shoot this morning, managed to find very little. For those still keeping score in the Willows valley, the Rough-legged Hawk is still in the 124th/Sam River neighbourhood, but not posing for photos closer than 100 metres away (and 25-feet up the shoreline poplars)... We did manage to locate an American Kestrel in the western end of the same field, but it was just as adamant about its privacy...

From there, we went to Juanita Bay Park, where more nothing was happening. We did manage to enjoy an effervescent flock of Bushtits, Gold- and Ruby-crowned Kinglets buzzing the willows on the southern end of the middle boardwalk, along with a few first-of-year American Goldfinches. We were also occasionally serenaded by what we believed was a Marsh Wren who almost has the Common Yellowthroat call down, like a jazz scat-singer doing improv... Lastly, one Red-tailed Hawk and three Eagles (one juvenile, temporarily enjoying the Osprey pole perch) were in the air, and a Sealy PostureComfort mattress was found thoroughly soaked shagging the edge of the boardwalk.

Anyone know why American Coots would be up against the northeast shoreline, some finding their way on shore into the reeds 'n weeds for a few moments? Almost none were seen in the Bay proper, though I'm sure they were there.

Weather was dry, but wherever there was exposed location there was COLD wind. The wind made lunch at one of Puget Sound's fine fake mexican restaurants such a joy.

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