02 June 2009

2006: Lannion, Brelevenez

Local Summary

Lannion is an important centre of trade, and most of the retail district is layered on the terraced right bank of the river Leguer. If you should want to do a little ecclesiastic exploring, the trail from Lannion up to Brelevenez Church is quite incredible,

the 140 final steps lined with small traditional town houses and manor homes. The church dates from the end of the 12th century, and has been "remodeled" or added-to ever since. In my opinion, humble as it may be, this is the first church ("l'eglise") I've encountered in Brittany that feels "old", feels its history,
feels "lived-in". For its small parish size, it is remarkable, well-worth the visit andthe pilgrimage of those 140 steps.

If you are inclined, you can watch local kayakers ply their skills against the river on a set course near the central car park, where the Thursday Market brings crafts and fresh local produce to marketgoers. Buy cheese and your favourite "boisson" (beverage) so you can watch along the shoreline...

AND, if for some silly reason you feel the need for high-fat, high-calorie, low nutritional value, one of only two known McDonalds restaurants within 50 miles is located near the Lannion airport. And, no, I haven't partaken yet, though my fast-food cells occasionally clamour when I'm in the area...

The town has been on its current site since Neolithic times. During the Middle Ages, the river was defended by a chateau and the town by a circle of ramparts. Today, it is a town of almost 20,000 people, and is in many ways the capital of the region of Tregor. It is located about 65 miles ENE from Brest, and about 15 miles NW of Pedernec on the D767 highway.

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