14 June 2009

Quotes, # 013: The Look

You have to love Ann Richards, the feisty ex-Governor of the large state of Texas... She was really big on speaking her mind and, some say, wearing Big Hair.

We could use far more politicians like her...

The photo is of a Mandarin Duck, one of the most beautiful and colourful of birds. This one, in particular, was found in the Seattle area in the winter of 2007, several thousands of miles away from its normal haunts in Korea, China, Japan, etc. For most of a few weeks, he cavorted with Mallards and Canada Geese on Pine Lake.

This image, as well as all of the preceding Quotes, are for sale as physical art you can put on your office or home walls. Our example here is available in 12x18" and 20x30" posters. Feel free to email me if you'd like to own this piece of American Pie(ty). Be the first on your block to be the first on your block.

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