06 June 2009

2006: the Northeast Peninsula

As you enter the town of Plougrescant from the south, you will encounter an odd-looking spire above an 11th century chapel, St Gonéry Chapel. The "odd" part is two-fold: the tower turret is lead-lined, and it is canted at an unusual angle. As well, the entire spire is covered in large and small gargoyles. Within the chapel itself is a 15th-century throne.

The chapel is open to the public on selected holidays and summer weekends. The only web link I could find on short notice just happens to be entirely in French. I'll see what I can do about translating it for you, should you ask :)

Continue northward to Pors-Hir and Le Gouffre for some of the most interesting rock scrambling and coastal hiking you can imagine. Stay on the Côtes de la Circuit du Ajoncs and find yourself wondering why someone would build a home between two 40-foot-tall sections of Rose Granite shoreline.

AND, if you like Artichokes, you can find gazillions of them here, planted along the road, ripening in the spring sunshine.

This drive is picturesque, and if you are lucky, will take you hours to make the 3-mile journey...

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