08 August 2009

2006: Heathrow to Seatac, and Beyond

08 August:

It's my birth anniversary, and I had planned on getting to the airport early to ask for all sorts of concessions, not the least of which was a seat with more leg room, and a possible upgrade. How many of us can say our birth anniversary lasted 32 hours? I was hoping they would take pity on me, and allow me to enjoy the trip in style.

Wasn't going to happen. Summer travel on British Air is nuts, even in the middle of the work week. The plane was booked from stem to stern, and I was lucky to have a window seat with a forward neighbour who didn't recline too much, and an aisle neighbour who didn't snore, drool excessively, or speak inanely for 9 hours.

Given the crowding, given the hassles of getting to the airport on time, the incredibly-crowded airport, etc, it was still a mostly enjoyable flight home. It was sad thinking the past three months had simply flown by, and I was returning to work.

Life settles in once again, with sleep easy, so let's fast forward a little more than 24 hours.

10 August:

Apparently, my flight is one of the last out of Heathrow before draconian and totally-unnecessary requirements go into effect:
  • no more than 3 ounces liquid, period
  • no carry-on luggage (this included laptops and cameras, with which i was expensively-encrusted)
  • strip searches (not mandatory, but regular enough)
  • dozens of international flights cancelled
  • lines at ticketing and security that were, in some cases, thousands of people long
  • etc
If my flight had occurred about 24 hours later, would I still be in the UK for not allowing them to check my laptop and camera :)

Here's a link to more information regarding the aftermath...

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