04 August 2009

2006: Rye

One of my favourite locations in the Southeast is the town of Rye. It's an inexpensive and quick train ride from St Leonards or Hastings, and a quite easy and beautiful town to walk from top to bottom.

It's when you want to go out towards the Camber or the Nature Reserve that an easy walk becomes a lot more exercise.

The birding on the Reserve and on the Camber make the eventual exhaustion enjoyable. Common and Sandwich Terns, English Shags and Great Cormorants, Common Sandpipers, Eurasian Oystercatchers, Yellow Wagtails, even Canada Geese are frequent visitors to the area. This visit was punctuated by a Tufted Duck sighting as well. Several blinds are available, and there are at least two working web cameras watching our flying friends. [ 2009: At this very moment, the time is 2230 British Summer Time, so all I'm watching are a pair of harbour navigation lights blink on and off :) ]

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