07 August 2009

2006: Sussex to Heathrow

07 August

Travel day from Sussex to Heathrow environs. Trip into central London was simple enough, but getting from Charing Cross to Heathrow took a bit more creativity.

Seems the construction of Terminal 5, intermixed with some sort of traffic issue, caused the Piccadilly Line trains to stop somewhere near Hounslow. Buses were called in to shepherd most of us the rest of the way in what really wasn't a very organized manner. Imagine a train full of laden travelers debarking from a train, walking to several bus stops, then loading their goods into those buses for the 15-minute ride to their terminal.

Once at the airport, it was necessary to trundle all my goodies from the bus egress to a place where, once called, the B&B transport van could pick me up, which wasn't simple, quick, or without pain. The plus: I was first. The negative: he had all the other terminals to visit at breakneck speed. I wasn't deposited at my flat for almost an hour; Heathrow terminals are large, and separated by quite a distance if traveling by road.

However, a quiet neighbourhood walk, a simple dinner and some time watching the telly helped me to decompress before sleep stoned me into submission.

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