27 August 2009

Several Random Acts of Kindness

I have to say, this is one of the more heartwarming articles I've read in quite some time. For someone to pony up several hundred dollars for a complete stranger, then have the stranger return the favour is remarkable.

Finally, a albeit-small online community deciding to join in in an altruistic manner, well, this has made my day.

To quote the last paragraph:
Send a check to Second Harvest Food Bank, 750 Curtner Ave., San Jose, CA 95125.
You can write "Carolee Hazard"s $93 Club" in the "memo" line.
To donate online, go to www.virtualharvest.net. Select "Friends and Family Drive" and choose "Carolee Hazard $93 Drive."

For what it's worth, I believe if you were to help a local foodbank or charity in need during these times of economic hardship, I'm sure the people involved in the article probably wouldn't have a problem with that. :)

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Carolee Hazard said...


Thank you for passing the link along! This viral communication has resulted in over $2K being raised in the last 24hours via the online 2nd Harvest site you mentioned. So far, the $93 Club will be donating over $6K to those in need of food. I learned yesterday that every dollar equals 2 meals. A $10 donation = 20 meals!! Every little bit helps!

Carolee Hazard