20 May 2009

2006: Laundry Issues

Note to self: ALWAYS do laundry (1) when it's reasonably dry outside (no washing machine or dryer in apartment, no laundry in town), (2) when winds are less than 20mph (unless you wish for drying laundry to find its way to places unknown and/or unwelcome), and (3) when you have other clothes to wear.

Remember, it's the little things.

[ 2009: I was located as close to "downtown" Pedernec as you could be, given a population of one or two thousand scattered within a dozen or so square miles. From the backyard itself, I had a clear view of sky only if I looked straight up, surrounded by houses and, in one case, a working barn. From the front porch, I had a clear view directly southeast, where weather rarely manifested, for about 100 metres or so. Needless to say, my early warning system was a bit on the slow side.

So, if I saw sunshine straight up, I had to ask myself: Do I feel lucky today? If clouds are motoring through at 20+ mph sustained, a not unlikely scenario for my first week, my chances of being rained on at some point within an hour were pretty good. No clothes dryer inside meant relying on accurate guesses that would keep my kitchen sink-newly-handwashed clothing from going through a natural rinse cycle outside. Over and Over and Over.

And let's not forget the possibility that blow-dried clothing might be found in the neighbour's barn. (3) Other clothes to wear becomes pretty important. ]

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