31 May 2009

2006: Good Weather

June 1: Today, BBC24 deadpans the news this is the worst weather-related May in 27 years... Below-normal temperatures, rain, and wind made May look and feel more like late November for its wildness. So, today, June 1st, is incredible for being something May has not been: warm (high temp was about 22c), very slight breeze from the northwest, with blue skies in all directions All Day Long.


So, after I spent too much time on the Internet getting my latest rantings and photos online, the car was pointed northeast to Paimpol. Slowly. Many of the same places I visited early-on were revisited, including the death-defying drive from Ploubazlanec to Pors-Even and back. It is mostly one-lane, hidden curves behind the houses which form the lane boundaries themselves. Imagine, now, some idiot (or two) driving the hired land yacht towards the harbour of Pors-Even, no place to turn around, 8% down grade, and only the occasional spot on the road where both cars can literally scrape by each other.

Excitement, with insurance and frantic gesturing thrown in.

While the photo opportunities were few, it was wonderful to be out and about in such cleansing sunshine. The surrounding countrysides were lit by bazillions of shades of green, kelly to electric to neon to lime to ... I honestly had trouble at times recognizing bits I drive past on a regular basis because the change in colour from washed-out to sunlit is so amazing... [ 2009: The chapel tower shown here is famous world-wide: St Gonéry ]

Did I mention there are tons of artichokes around? :)

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