10 May 2009

Quotes, # 008: Reasons for Sex

I'm really not sure how to introduce this next poster. The image was photographed in a tiny little Luxembourg town, about 25 miles southwest of Luxembourg City while my friends and I were wandering around looking for lunch. This was not the first larger-than-life ceramic advertisement seen. Indeed, all over Europe, similar mascots selling a wide variety of beers abound. However, this was the first that made us all laugh quite heartily for our own individual and possibly deviant reasons.

For what it's worth, I feel the hot dog stands well on its own, but with the quote from Billy Crystal? In my most humble opinion, it shines... :)

This image, as well as all of the preceding Quotes, are for sale as physical art you can put on your office or home walls. Our example here is available in 12x18" and 20x30" posters. Feel free to email me if you'd like to own this piece of American Pie(ty). Be the first on your block to be the first on your block.

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