26 May 2009

Wenas, Part 2 of ?

Once in the campground, it was frequently feast or famine, sometimes with the same bird. As an example, I've had horrible luck in photographing the White-headed Woodpecker, and this year was no exception. When I had camera in hand, he and his cohort were usually well over 100 metres away, winging carefree. When I was awakened by pounding on a nearby snag during an afternoon siesta, as I got the camera pointed he took off.

Chipping Sparrows were the "easy" photo this trip. They were literally everywhere around the campgrounds, and frequently allowed reasonable looks. Mountain Chickadees were also everywhere; Brett Wolfe clued me into their "cheese burger" call, but while they were boisterous, they were rarely photographable.

My highlight on Satyrday was a return from stalking the elusive WHWO into the hillsides on the south of the camp. As I neared the Audubon Zone, happy fiddle music wafted on the warm breeze. Tracking it down was easy, and the nice gentleman providing the beautiful melodies was just as generous with his "feel free" when asked if I could take his portrait.

While I do have several with his face, I think this particular shot best-exemplified the afternoon: hard-working fingers creating wondrous sounds "just because."

If anyone knows Yakima Steve, please thank him for me.

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