19 May 2009

2006: May 19 - It's not Thursday

Hmmm. Just because a petrol station states 24h/24 doesn't mean it is open 24 hours for those with cash in hand. This morning, I had just finished with the next few days worth of grocery shopping, and went out to the connected petrol station to fill up my tank. Found out they take a 2-hour break in the middle of every day they work, and so I had to come back "later". When "later" happened, the price was 47 Euros for 36.66 litres (1.282 Euros/litre). One week of driving costs one tank of gas costs about 60 $ US. Guess I'll not be driving nearly as much as I'd like. [ 2009: Even at its recent worst, US petrol prices have not come close to those normal European prices of several years ago. And yet the generic "we" complain.

FYI: My vehicle of choice was about the size of a Honda Fit, was comparable in interior space and driving comfort to my '95 Saturn SL, and got 40+ mpg IN CITY using unleaded gas. "We" seem to get excited if we get 30 mpg on highways. Feel free to note sarcasm. ]


1 Pound Sterling = 1.47 Euros = 1.90 US Dollars (per the BBC business report this morning)

Weather for the next four days -> Nothing new: Windy and rainy, with tomorrow morning's winds expected to reach 40-45mph sustained, 60+ gusts (gale force 8) for much of the day. Even the weather geeks in the Channel Islands (less than 100 miles from here as the crow flies) are starting to talk about how unusual this weather pattern has been for May. Lucky me. :)

Oh: The magpie I'm seeing is named Pie Bavarde (Pica Pica), the sandpiper B├ęcasseau Variable (Calidris Alpina), the egret Aigrette Garzette (Egretta Garzetta). It's unfortunate the local library has only two ornithological books for use in identifying birds, and both are (1) very incomplete and (2) written in French. Wonder if David Sibley has written a European ID book in English? I can hope... [ 2009: The library was open only a few days each week, and only a few hours each of those days. Even so, it was spacious, clean, and reasonably-populated for a town the size of Guingamp. My French wasn't (and still is not) good enough to do much more research than browse at sparse photos. ]


Lucky for me, I don't generate a lot of garbage. Why? Today is Friday. My computer says it is Friday. Early Friday morning is Trash Pickup Day. I have gone through the entire day thinking today was Thursday. Wrong answer.

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