01 May 2009

2009.05 Desktop Calendar

For the May Desktop Calendar photo, I harken back to the town of Landerneau, about as west as you can get in France, a blue-sky summer afternoon along the river which flows through the middle of town.

In the stream, a Mute Swan and Black Swan preen, swimming back and forth for the better part of an hour. The Mute is a bit more native, having been introduced in France about 300 years ago; the Black is native to Australia. As he is the second of his kind to be spotted by myself in the last week (the first about 50 miles east), a little investigation finds the Blacks are probably escapees or released birds.

Please feel free to download this photo for personal use on your computer's desktop. To download, just click once on the image, which will bring up the enlarged image on a new webpage. Then, right-click on the image and follow your operating system's instructions for pictures / images.

For those interested in learning more about the attempt to become a neighbour in and around Pedernec, I'll be re-playing the original blog entries (with larger photos) in "real-time" over the next three-plus months. In addition to the original text, I hope to have additional things to say. Think of this as The Official Director's Cut for my adventure. If you would like to be informed as the entries become available and you have an RSS Feed Reader, please look to your right on the blog's webpage, locate the "If You Like What You See Here, Please Subscribe" section, then click on the RSS button "Posts" and follow your browser's directions.

Enjoy :)

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