15 July 2009

2006: 34 Hours, 7 Days, 3 Weeks

15 July

Still more driving, and I'm finally back in the Pedernec neighbourhood again. I've driven over 2700 kilometres in the past week, most of it in four days of insane "gotta be there", wherever "there" was for the next moment. One-thousand six-hundred miles (give or take) during 34 hours of behind-the-wheel. Je suis TRÈS fatigué, and I will probably spend the next day or three just puttering around the apartment, doing laundry, catching up with Madame, feeding the cats, and reminding myself I don't have to BE anywhere for a few weeks.

And that is a bit sad, in and of itself. My journey here will be over in three weeks. The time has gone by far too quickly, and I'm not quite ready to let go of this dream visit just yet.

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