24 July 2009

2006: A Brief Interlude

24 July

Oops. Just lost power (sounds like a transformer blew just down the road). I will need to turn off the laptop to conserve power until it returns... À bientôt...

[ Much Later ]

Bonjour, encore. I will return to our main story in a minute. But first, a comment about the power loss. The neighbourhood was down for about four hours, so with laundry brought in quickly from the back garden, the game became "listen to the neighbours" as they came by on foot, on bike, in cars, all asking what was up, when was power coming back, etc... The grapevine was alive and kickin', and it was enjoyable. I got to use new and almost-new words in conversation: thunder (le tonnerre) and thunderstorm (l'orage), lightning (les éclairs), and candle (la bougie)... Oh, I failed to mention our thunderstorm. Remember a few blogs ago when I said it was important to do your laundry when it's warm and dry outside? Well, laundry was started when there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Two hours later, power failure occurs about the time the sky has no blue in it, and thunder is a regular sound from the south...

It was almost done when it rained.

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