21 July 2009

2006: Metal Owl

One of the things you notice when you travel this particular region of Bretagne is the love for large-scale artistic metalwork. And, among the many I've encountered, an interesting one displays on the eastern edge of the N767 highway, near Cavan.

I honestly don't know the "real" name, nor why it is where it is, but I call it the "Metal Owl".

It appears to be fairly well-known to locals, even though only visible from the highway and, given said highway is a busy place, not somewhere you'd think folks would stop. But, stop they do.

A few weeks ago, as an example, someone left a computer monitor as an offering at its feet. This week, no monitor...

[ 2009: I've looked a few times since, and have yet to find even so much as a blog entry regarding this unusual sculpture. If anybody knows why it is where it is, its name, etc, I would appreciate hearing from you. I believe it was located in this area ]

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