11 July 2009

2006: Differdange

11 July

Puttering around can be fun in Differdange. We were treated to a village market all over the town centre, selling everything from rotisserie chickens to clothing, children's toys, jewelry, hot dogs,

fresh fruit, vegetables, and the like. Cats lying on narrow window ledges were tenaciously asleep amid the commotion,

even as a bell-clanging gnome toned innext to a garden clock that was probably not connected to any accurate atomic clocks. Oh, and a witch sailed by...

Luxembourg City is a favourite of mine, from the Place du Constitution to the Grand Ducal Palace, the Casino to Cathedralé Notre-Dame de Luxembourg, the Casemates north and south.

I'm already thinking of spending a few weeks here sometime in the next few years.

The main language is Luxembourgheise (an intricate combination of French, German, and other influences). Johny says most of his countryfolk learn Lux first at home, then in school are required to learn basic French, German, and English. For the younger generation, it is not uncommon to know these fluently, and to acquire others as the need arises. The US should be so bold...

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