24 July 2009

2006: Le Vieux-Marché, Part 1

24 July

Short road-trip today, about 80 miles round-trip... Starting point - Le Vieux-Marché, the Plan d'Eau. Weather is spectacular, temperatures in the mid- to high-20s, light breeze, and only very high wisps of clouds to mar the blue from horizon to horizon...

Once again, the little booklet comes through with interesting places to visit. I'm aiming for Plouaret and find a private pond with a Black Swan in Le Vieux-Marché instead.

Some Coots (unidentified variety) and Barn Swallows diving to the water surface to purloin the insect goodies thereon are also visible. As I watch this tableau, I notice a little stone fountain of some age (hundreds of years, at a guess) that bubbles what I'm guessing is spring water. At first, I thought the older gentleman who was around the fountain was doing maintenance or cleanup, but he (and other locals while I watched) were coming by with buckets to be filled with fountain water... What they did with the water remains a mystery as I didn't ask...

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