20 July 2009

2006: Set on Bake

20 July

I've only gone out a few times the past five days, partly due to poor weather, but mostly because I was actually tired of driving any appreciable distance. Go Figure; but, given my advancing years, perhaps not such a bad thing (grin). Even so, the beach called twice, and I accidentally found myself among the Germans, the Dutch, the British, and the French, each of us enjoying the "Set on Bake" temperatures, high tide, and mostly blue skies.

Tan lines on my feet are Birkenstocks in shape, and probably for life. Shoot me now. :)


Auto-Ecoles (driving schools) are in every town, even the smallest, and any town of size will usually have several. I will make no comment beyond this regarding the quality of the graduates, though I have to admit the French stop at ALL stop signs (no California stops here), stop for red lights at ALL signals, and make more than a reasonable attempt to be "doing" the speed limit when rolling through small towns, if only because there are hefty fines and automatic radar traps with nary a gendarme in sight.

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